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Well, as of February 4, 2013, this site, in it's current iteration, has been here for between 2 and 3 years. I haven't really touched it since I put it up, and the portfolio section is, well, at best, gathering dust.

So, given all that, this site will soon be undergoing some drastic changes. I don't have an exact timeline to share yet, but when these changes happen it will be quite apparent. In the meantime, feel free to look around and see the work I was doing half a decade ago, but don't get too attached since it will all be disappearing. :) News

  1. This site will be exploding soon.

WoDe Vision News

  1. Like, is undergoing a number of major changes. A number of structural changes are taking place and a new direction is going to be forged.

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Behind The Scenes

This site was created using a form of HTML5, some CSS with bits of CSS3 thrown in, and JavaScript with some help from JQuery.

I am using the fontface BPDietUltra for my headers, which can be found on FontSquirrel.

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A Bit About Matt

Matt Henry is graphic designer, web designer, coder, illustrator, learner, thinker, doer, explorer, educator, and creator among other things. In 2011 he officially started his own web design company in Las Vegas, WoDe Vision, having done freelance and contract work for many years prior to that. In addition to his creative endeavors, education is an important part of Matt Henry's life. He constantly seeks to further his own education and knowledge, and also has a great passion for teaching and interacting with students. So while doing design, he also currently moonlights as an Adjunct Instructor.

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